About me

My name is Trish Russell. I am a Christian mom of two fantastic teenagers, a wife of 16 years to a great man and we live in Las Vegas, NV.

I currently work for a drug and alcohol detox/rehab center, and I am trying to get my degree in psychology. Someday I plan on becoming an adolescent counselor.  It might take me years to get there, but with some determination, it will happen.

I try very hard to save money any way I can, so that I can provide for my family. Thats why I am BIG into couponing and hunting down good sales. Hopefully, I can pass some of those great ideas off to you!

Over the years, I have acquired a lot of great tips and tricks on raising kids, being a great partner to my husband, and living through some pretty touch events that have come along in my life.  Some of the posts you will see here will be my attempt to pass along some of the insight I have – or think I have 🙂 It seems that as I get older, a lot of the things that have gone on in my life have started to make some sense to me. Thus the title of the blog “Connecting the Dots”

I hope you enjoy my ramblings.. please feel free to comment!


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