Welcoming family

1 Apr

I spend a lot of time wondering how people feel as they are walking through the doors of our church for the first time. Are they lonely? Scared? Thrilled? Doubtful? Did they worry while getting dressed that they wouldnt fit in if they wore a particular piece of clothing?

I think our church does an amazing job of being available to everyone. Rich, poor, overweight, thin, punk rocker or classical fan. I can honestly say that there is a feeling of overwhelming, unconditional welcome that pours out of our doors on Sunday morning.

I love sitting at the info desk in the entry way and people watching. I see new and familiar faces all swirling around. I love watching people enter the door and see someone they know.. a huge smile comes across their face. it is like family coming home for Thanksgiving dinner. All at the same time, I can see these same people watching for those who might not know anyone. Somehow we have successfully shown our members how to introduce themselves to newcomers with a genuine attitude of love and acceptance. They talk with them, laugh with them, and then invite them to sit with them, like they have always been a part of this family.

It amazes me each time I see it happen. I swear I can feel God looking down and smiling.. saying.. “Thank you.”


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